About Novel and Timeless

Novel and Timeless is a blog for writers who want to write beautiful, meaningful, and resonant fiction. It’s for novelists who want to do more than crank out many forgettable novels for the money. It’s writers who want to maintain artistic integrity in today’s publishing world.

Good fiction is novel. While it draws on ideas and themes from past works, it’s not a cheap imitation of any. It feels fresh.

It’s also timeless. A great story can still be enjoyed by people many generations after it was written and by people living in a very different cultural context. There are some barriers to understanding the story, but once those are overcome, the story can transcend time.

Even if we aren’t medieval Europeans who believe in dragons, we can still be glad when the knight slays the dragon that was threatening the people–and saves the princess. Even if we aren’t monarchists in real life, we can still delight to a tale of an orphan boy who turns out to be the long-lost prince.

Like many writers, I’ve been told to write what people want to read. Of course, there’s some truth to that advice. But I also have ideas that aren’t imitating bestsellers–and that might not fit neatly into genre categories.

I’ve created this blog to show what I’ve learned along the way (so far) and share it with other writers who also may feel out of place in today’s publishing landscape.